Building A Men's Casual Wardrobe

What are the must-haves in your casual closet as a stylish and fashionable guy? You’ll want to make sure you’re equipped with the right staple pieces. 

There’s no need to break the bank–focus on quality and proper fit over quantity, and you’ll be surprised how many combinations you’ll be able to make. 

Jeans and Chinos 

As all men who dress well know–fit is important, but the way a pair of pants fits can make or break an outfit like no other. 

When shopping for a new pair of pants, ensure that they fit comfortably and look streamlined. 

Make sure the cuff falls at or just above your ankle, and avoid pants with a baggy opening that causes the fabric to pool up around your shoes. 

For your staple pieces, look for a pair of dark jeans without distress or tears, and a pair of flat front chinos

These will work with almost any combination of shirt, shoes, and jacket. Once you have those basics covered, branch out into some distressed jeans or chinos in a more adventurous colour. 

Button Downs 

Button downs are another key piece of classy-casual outfits for guys. 

They look great on their own, untucked over a pair of jeans or chinos with the sleeves rolled up, or paired with a navy blazer. 

Start with a solid white and light blue–these are the most versatile colours to have. 

Then, branch out into other colours and patterns. Gingham, Madras, and tartan plaid are some of the most common patterns. 

Blues, reds, and greens work well all year round, and pair well with other garments. 

For spring and summer, look for lighter, pastel shades, and stick to darker, more muted tones in the cooler months. 

Shoes & Sneakers 

Shoes are crucial to men’s casual fashion–they can tie a whole outfit together. 

During the summer, adidas are great for a smart casual look–they show off a clean look. 

Adidas work great with a business casual style and translate well to a night out. 

Once cooler weather hits, opt for a pair of boots. They’ll hold up well on wet and icy sidewalks, and look smart and stylish at the same time. 

There are lots of style of boots but a pair of leather or suede chukkas or desert boots is as versatile as it gets. 

T-shirts and Casual Shirts 

T-shirts are great for expressing your own unique style. 

Everyone wears shirts that sport their favourite team’s logo, but you could even go above and beyond and t-shirts from cool bars or restaurants in different cities you like. 

These shirts are the most eye-catching and can spark great conversations. 

Henleys are also great casual shirts. 

They take the comfort and functionality of a t-shirt and add a sophistication with a button-front. 

Henleys come in short and long sleeve varieties, and they’re great as a dressed-down alternative. 


Sweater weather is greatly anticipated by guys who take men’s casual style seriously. 

There are lots of varieties of sweaters, and they’re all comfortable, versatile, and great-looking. 

They work equally well for relaxing at home as they do for a day at the office or a night on the town. 

The most common sweater varieties for smart casual wear for men are quarter zips and pullovers

Wearing quarter zips is a great way to show off the print on a button down or flannel without sacrificing the outer layer. 

Quarter zips come in a variety of styles–making it easy for you to match one with just about anything. 

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